Recruiters are Getting Creative

The job market is on fire and recruiters are doing weird stuff to attract candidates.

A European company called MacPaw, which makes software that claims to improve the performance of Apple devices by eliminating cruft from, well, somewhere, hired Kansas City rapper Mac Lethal to create a minute-long rap of a job posting and publish it on his YouTube channel.

I like Mac Lethal. I love a few of his songs. And he is a good candidate for this type of sponsorship: he has an audience of 3 million YouTube subscribers though his view counts are a bit low in comparison. A few years prior, he did a 2-minute ad for a dental product called BYTE, so fans are used to sponsored songs as part of his brand (indeed, the YouTube comments were incredibly positive, for YouTube comments). I have no idea how much they paid him, but I imagine this video was well within their marketing budget while a similar plug from Eminem would not be.

However there is one weird thing about this transaction: it seems as though the role, and most other roles at the company, are in Ukraine. Maybe Mac Lethal has outsized popularity there? Maybe importing custom American rap has its own cultural caché and the actual rapper doesn't matter? Either way, it is a creative idea, and has the side benefit of generating general press for the company and their jobs which I am happily giving them.