Let's Talk!

You want to talk to me. Awesome! I want to talk to you too.

I'm incredibly lucky to be able to speak with many different people for many different reasons, so I made this page to make it easy for you to schedule exactly what you need without a long back-and-forth conversation.

If we talk often, one of the Quick Links is probably for you. Otherwise, use the Meeting Selector to reserve the best time for you.

For paid consulting slots, you will be able to enter payment via credit card during the booking process.

If I haven't made it possible to get what you want using this page, please email me at philip@kiely.xyz and I'll set you up with something custom (and fix this page).

Meeting Selector

New Client Introduction

25 Min | Free | Video Call

If you earn money by putting words on the internet, PK&C wants to help you publish your best work every time. In a free, zero-commitment consultation, we'll discuss your work and our services.

For more information, see https://pkandc.com.


  • Events have a 5- or 10-minute buffer period built in to the end so that I have transition time.
  • A phone call means I might be out walking or similar and is available over cell, WhatsApp, and Signal.
  • A video call means that I am at my computer and can screen share and look at things. I default to Google Meet but will be happy to join your Zoom or other service.
  • If we are in the same city, any meeting can be conducted in person with advance notice.
  • Prices for paid consultations include prep time. Prices listed as "contract" means the time is covered separately.