Become a PK&C Affiliate on Gumroad

Do you want to make a 50% commission selling high-quality products that people love? Apply to be an affiliate of Philip Kiely & Company. This affiliate group is small and highly selective but offers the opportunity to grow along with my business.

Right now, I am selling one product, Writing for Software Developers, on Gumroad. You can see (relatively) up to date information about sales on the financial performance page, but at the time of writing I’ve sold 745 copies in just over four months, and I’ve made at least one sale per day for the last 15 consecutive days. I intend to launch another product of equal scope in each Q2 2021 and Q2 2022. Affiliates for any one product will be invited to sell others as well.

What I Provide

50% commission on all affiliate sales. If you do the work to generate a sale, you deserve substantial compensation. WfSD sells for 36 dollars, so your 50% commission would be 18 dollars, less Gumroad fees. If you manage to sell a team license (I've sold 13 so far), your commission would be 68 dollars, again before fees.

Transparent business practices. My financial information and other things that businesses often keep secret are published for everyone to see. You and your audience know that they are doing business with an honest counterpart.

Support and answers. I will help you with anything you need to more effectively sell my book, including email support, content reviews, and a quarterly check-in (email or call, your choice) to go over sales and plans.

What I expect

I operate my business with rigorous ethical standards and I expect the same from my affiliates. We make sales by providing value. Beyond this general guideline, there are a few rules. Violating any of these rules will result in an instant cut from the affiliate program.

  1. You must always disclose affiliate links.
  2. You must comply with all United States FCC and FTC advertising regulations.
  3. Your sales must not be responsible for 2 or more refunds unless your refund rate is under 5%.
  4. Your sales must not be responsible for any chargebacks.
  5. You may not be the subject of any genuine complaints about spammy sales tactics or negative community impact.
  6. Your advertising must not supersede or interfere with my own efforts (i.e. don’t try to scoop my launch-day Hacker News posts).

How to Join

Right now, the program is invite-only, I’m using this page in my outreach to affiliates with proven track records. Still, if you’d like to become an affiliate and I haven’t reached out to you, feel free to apply anyway.

Becoming an affiliate is simple: send me an email with your plan for how to sell books. If I like the plan and I can verify your online identity, I’ll add you to my Gumroad affiliates (I’ll need the email associated with your Gumroad account). Please include information about your audience, platforms, and engagement. Also briefly describe what actions you’ll take to sell books.

Plans I like include individual/small-scale direct outreach, educational content, and sponsor-style blurbs or links in your blog, publication, videos, or newsletters. I’m open to more ideas though, that’s why I’m running this program!

I look forward to doing business together. Let’s make some money!