50-Minute Consulting Calls

Philip Kiely & Company offers two models of professional services: ongoing contract engagements and discrete consulting calls. This page is for the latter. If you’re interested in the former, please contact me directly.

Buy the Best 50 Minutes of My Day

I love meeting new people and solving new problems. I also love helping people create awesome technical content and use it to achieve their goals. That’s why a call to discuss some aspect of your business would be the best 50 minutes of my day. When I bring my maximum focused energy, and you bring yours, we can get a lot done together.

This consulting package is discreet. While my business is very transparent, a consulting call is private (feel free to record yours or make it public).

This consulting package is also discrete. There isn’t substantial prep, follow-up, or long-term work, it is just the value I can deliver in an academic hour. That said, I’m happy to take a few minutes the night before our call to review a document or two, and I love to hear from people after we’ve talked and celebrate their progress together.

Now that you know what it is, what you do with it is up to you. How you might choose to spend our time:

  • Tech writing coaching based on a sample of your work
  • Detailing a content strategy for your business
  • Planning your upcoming launch
  • Taking your side project to the next level

How to Buy a Slot

Slots open up on the first of each month. Each month I determine the number of slots based on my availability. In October there will be 4 slots available at a cost of $100 each.

Slots are available for purchase on Gumroad, your purchase grants you a key that you can use to schedule a slot. When you purchase a slot, you’ll receive an email with further instructions, as well as a couple of email reminders before the appointment.

I adjust my pricing each month when I determine the number of slots I’m selling. If slots from the previous month sold out quickly, I’ll consider raising the prices, and if I didn’t sell many the previous month, I may lower them. Like the rest of this offering, the pricing is an experiment.

Free Slots for Students

For each slot I sell in a month, I’ll also give away a slot for free to a college student or someone equivalently early-stage in their career. These slots do not count against my monthly total. I’ll help with any project on the same terms as a paid slot or do a resume review and mock interview, although there are many people who are better at the latter.

If you want a free slot, enter your contact information into this form. I’ll help any legitimate applicant on a first-come, first-served basis. I’ll let you know when your spot on the list is up, you’ll have one week to respond and schedule your slot within a month. I reserve the right to cancel or modify this program at any time.

Fine Print

I am unable to offer my services to any person, company, or organization who competes with Markforged or Gumroad. I am unwilling to offer my services to any person, company, or organization who I believe would misuse those services. Finally, please do not use these a slot to request a favor, pitch me on a job, try to gain access to someone in my network, or so forth (you will have a much greater chance of success with a cold email). If someone books a slot but is disqualified by one of these statements, they will be refunded and I will reopen the slot. I imagine this will not be an issue.