Published Articles

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Date Publication Title
May 2022 ContentLab How to market yourself as a technical writer
March 2022 Zeet How Paper Delivers a Seamless NFT Checkout Solution on Zeet
March 2022 Zeet Mythia Launches Lifetime Access NFT on Zeet Infrastructure
February 2022 Zeet Why Covalent's Second-Time Founder Chose Zeet to Build Infrastructure for Connections
January 2022 Zeet How Fairgrounds is Building a Metaverse on Zeet
December 2021 Zeet How Banana Performs Machine Learning Model Optimization with AWS & GCP
May 2021 YotaScale A Guide to Cloud Cost Visibility
March 2021 YotaScale Top Tips for AWS Cloud Cost Optimization
August 2020 Markforged Always Rebase: Git at Markforged
July 2020 Markforged Preparing GOMP (Git cOMPare) for Public Release
June 2020 Smashing Magazine Django Highlights: Wrangling Static Assets And Media Files (Part 4)
May 2020 CSS Tricks Turning a Fixed-Size Object into a Responsive Element
April 2020 Smashing Magazine Django Highlights: Models, Admin, And Harnessing The Relational Database (Part 3)
April 2020 WonderProxy Internationalization Case Study: The Django Framework
April 2020 Smashing Magazine Django Highlights: Templating Saves Lines (Part 2)
March 2020 Website Setup HTML vs HTML5
February 2020 WonderProxy Accessible Internationalization
February 2020 Smashing Magazine Django Highlights: User Models and Authentication (Part 1)
January 2020 Twilio Build an Email Newsletter with Django and Twilio SendGrid
December 2019 Human Readable Magazine Dynamic Time Warping in Theory and Practice (Paywall)
November 2019 WonderProxy Usability Testing for Remote Teams
November 2019 Smashing Magazine Adapting Agile For Part-Time Teams
October 2019 FloydHub A Pirate's Guide to Accuracy, Precision, Recall, and Other Scores
October 2019 Smashing Magazine Speech To Text With AWS (Part 2)
September 2019 WonderProxy Amazon versus Google Translate
September 2019 WonderProxy Localization for Developers
August 2019 mkdev Fundamentals of Front-End Django
August 2019 Smashing Magazine Text To Speech With AWS (Part 1)
July 2019 FloydHub DIY Data: Web Scraping with Python and BeautifulSoup
June 2019 mkdev How to cover a Django application with Unit Tests
June 2019 FloydHub Introduction to Genetic Algorithms
May 2019 mkdev How to Send SMS with AWS
April 2019 mkdev How to Create an API with Django