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Philip Kiely


I have been fortunate enough to write for a variety of other publications. Posts are listed in reverse chronological order.

Philip Kiely

YouTube Channel

Vlog series and intermissions including "Summerville" and "Postcards From Budapest."

Philip Kiely


GrammieGram is a messaging system designed to help senior citizens in assistive living communities stay in the loop with their families.


My First Open Source Contribution

I put almost every line of code that I write outside of work on GitHub. Anytime I make a public repository, I make sure to stick a license on it so that people can actually use the contents; usually I use MIT, sometimes Apache 2.0. Thus, I could say that I have published thousands of lines of open source code across dozens of projects. However, most of that code is pretty useless to other people, so I don’t go around saying that…

How to Succeed and Thrive at a Hackathon

One of my first times coding outside of class was at a hackathon during my first year of college. It was late February, and we drove through a snowstorm to an industrial building near the Iowa State University campus. Inside, we checked in at a folding table, and fortunately the person handling registration didn’t examine my ID carefully, as I was 17 at the time. For the next 36 hours, two friends and I developed a client-side JavaScript isometric map maker, trimap. As I started from essentially zero knowledge, I had no choice but to learn more in that weekend than I had in the preceding weeks of Introduction to Computer Science combined. What we made is, without a doubt, a terrible piece of software, and to this day I am inordinately proud of it…



Markforged    Software Engineering Intern  |  Summer 2019

Contributed new features, tests, and bug fixes to, 3D printer onboard software, and internal tools. Worked with CoffeeScript, AngularJS, Node, and Pug.

Principal Financial Group    Software Engineering Intern  |  Summer 2018

Productionized a Python library to automate the generation of portfolio commentary files to save analysts four days of work per quarter, integrated with Spring Boot API and Angular web-based portfolio management tools. Refactored and merged two multi-thousand-line Python 2.7 libraries into one Python 3.6 library, reducing complexity in production application. Created a Java library for converting CSV and TXT files into ORC files to save 70% on storage costs on AWS Redshift.

Cuna Mutual Group    Data Scientist  |  October 2017 – May 2018

Implemented automated build and release scripts for Microsoft TFS using Python, R, and PowerShell. Decreased build time by 10% and implemented automated lint reporting for python code. Developed statistical models using Python.

Grinnell College    Student Worker  |  August 2016 – October 2017

Tutor. Instruct students in Calculus and Statistics. Work individually with students to enhance computational skills and conceptual understanding.

Features Editor, Student Newspaper. Pitch and write articles, design, edit, and publish section.

Phonathon Caller. Contact alumni and parents to develop community and raise funds.


Grinnell College    B.A. Computer Science  |  August 2016 – May 2020

Analysis of Algorithms | Object-Oriented Programming (Java) | Operating Systems (C) | Imperitave Programming (C) | Functional Programming (Scheme) | Differential Equations | Graph Theory | Linear Algebra | Calculus I & II | Statistical Modeling (R)

Aquincum Institute of Technology    Semester Abroad in Computer Science  |  Spring 2019

Applied Cryptography (Python) | Mobile Application Development (Kotlin) | Data Mining (Python) | Scalable Systems Development | IT Entrepreneurship

Work Together

"Philip is a real pro. His content is well-written, relevant to our market of test engineers and localization experts, and deep enough to be reference material. He's communicative, and he easily fit himself into our content process. Highly recommended."

— Paul Reinheimer, CEO at WonderProxy.

I'm available for project-based work in programming, writing, editing, or any combination thereof. I work with businesses of all sizes on a contract basis to turn content and code into business solutions. Enthusiastic references provided upon request.

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