Guest Appearances & Features

I have had the good fortune to appear on a variety of shows, and I look forward to doing more. Appearances are listed in reverse chronological order.

Show Topic Format Date
Writer on the Side Gumroad Podcast October 2020
Software Engineering Radio WfSD #podcastbooktour Podcast September 2020
Gumroad Creator Spotlight Product Launches Feature Article August 2020
The Cynical Developer WfSD #podcastbooktour Podcast July 2020
David Perell WfSD #podcastbooktour Video July 2020
Software Sessions WfSD #podcastbooktour Podcast June 2020
Techapreneur Radio WfSD #podcastbooktour Video May 2020
The Entrepreneurial Coder Podcast WfSD #podcastbooktour Podcast May 2020
Stock Talking WfSD #podcastbooktour Podcast May 2020