Guest Appearances & Features

I have had the good fortune to appear on a variety of shows, and I look forward to doing more. Appearances are listed in reverse chronological order.

Show Topic Format Date
Side Hustle School WfSD Podcast March 2021
10 Minute Tech Comms WfSD Podcast March 2021
The Not-Boring Tech Writer WfSD Podcast February 2021
Indie Bites Gumroad Podcast January 2021
Career Chats College Podcast December 2020
Writer on the Side Gumroad Podcast October 2020
Software Engineering Radio WfSD #podcastbooktour Podcast September 2020
Gumroad Creator Spotlight Product Launches Feature Article August 2020
The Cynical Developer WfSD #podcastbooktour Podcast July 2020
David Perell WfSD #podcastbooktour Video July 2020
Software Sessions WfSD #podcastbooktour Podcast June 2020
Techapreneur Radio WfSD #podcastbooktour Video May 2020
The Entrepreneurial Coder Podcast WfSD #podcastbooktour Podcast May 2020
Stock Talking WfSD #podcastbooktour Podcast May 2020