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Philip Kiely

Writing for Software Developers

Writing for Software Developers

A complete guide to creating technical content.

Cold Email for Interesting People

Life-Changing Email

A course on using highly personal cold email to achieve your professional goals.

Who Pays Technical Writers?

Who Pays Technical Writers?

A curated collection of active publishers, publications, and agencies that pay fair rates for high-quality technical content.


Hi, I’m Philip Kiely. I work on documentation, technical content, and developer experience at Baseten, an ML inference platform. I published Writing for Software Developers in 2020 and will publish another book before the next Game of Thrones comes out. I graduated from Grinnell College in May 2020 with a degree in computer science. I was a full-time software engineer for 38 nonconsecutive weeks (if you count internships). I am a martial artist and an avid reader.